This will get you excited for school

Hey Everyone,

So I realised that there was a lot of negativity about going back to school/college, so I decided to put together a few websites that will definitelly get you excited for a back to chool season. Also, can you believe it? It’s already August… AUGUST…. how is it August?!

  1. YouTube 
    This is probably the most important website with all those back to school videos, by the way I will be posting my favourite back to school videos in the next blog post, so hopefully you will enjoy watching them too.
  2. Pinterest 
    The cute stationary photos are so so pretty I just can’t stop looking at them and wanting to buy literally everything
  3. Paperchase
    I don’t know what this website doesn’t have, whatever stationary you can think of you can find there. WARNING: don’t go to this website after scrolling through Pinterest pictures
  4. Back to school movies 
    I feel like watching back to school movies is the best way to get in to the back to school mood especially the old classics aka Mean Girls
  5. Teen Vogue
    They usually publish really cool back to school articles I found out about them a few months ago when I was looking at different university ideas and somehow Teen Vogue poped up, and reading about different stationary or back to school fashion ideas really inspired me to write about going back to school

And the bonus of this blog, here are two links to all you Harry Potter lovers out there.

Harry Potter 😉

Harry Potte 😉

Girl Enters x


5 thoughts on “This will get you excited for school

  1. Jocelyn says:

    Love this! There is always SO MUCH negativity surrounding back to school, but I always love it! It’s one of my favorite times of the year! I love the links you included here, especially Paperchase! How had I never heard of it before?

    xx Jocelyn //

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