School uniform, for or against? 

Hey Everyone,

As I said in my previous post, l be posting a lot of “Back to School” posts, today we are starting with school uniform, I feel like there are a lot of debates about this topic so here is my very rumbly opinion 😂

I always used to hate wearing uniform to school and only when I was finally allowed to wear my own clothes, I realised that I was so stupid, or not fully appreciating all the good sides of wearing a uniform. People used to tell me how the go shopping for school clothes and I was really jealous, so when I was told that for the last two years of school (12 & 13) I’m allowed to wear whatever I want, I was really looking forward to that.

I hated every second of waking up, putting on the same shirt, same skirt, learning how to tie a tie again and again after holidays (I bet all of you watched how to tie a tie at least once in your life, don’t even lie to me). And shoes, oh God those shoes, that are so hard to find after the first half of September and that get ruined so so fast.

I hate how people in American movies manage to look so stylish and even sexy wearing a school uniform and we all looked like something between an ugly duckling and a cactus, and that’s definitely not the best look when you go through your awkward stage, no matter how perfect your hair and makeup looked in the morning, you would always look 10 times worse in a school uniform.

As you probably guessed I hated uniform even the sports uniform that gets really hard and even starts pulling off after a few months, from constant washing. So as soon as I got to year 12 all my outfits were ready (at least that’s what I thought). First two weeks went by perfectly and then I realized that I didn’t have anymore outfits, and I didn’t really want to wear the same things, so then this hard thing of mixing and matching came.

I spent hours in front of the closet trying to figure out my outfit for a day, it got easier in winter, since I could wear the same shirt with different tops, but then May oh God May.

The thing is it gets up to 35 degrees in May/ June and September where I live, and dress code is still a thing, so we are not allowed to wear shorts or tank tops in this heat which is crazy in my opinion.

So, I’m still debating whether I’m for or against school uniform, I definitely don’t miss it, but I think that everyone should go through wearing a uniform at least at some point in their lives.

Are you for or against school uniform, what kind of uniform did you have at school? 

Girl Enters x


20 thoughts on “School uniform, for or against? 

  1. Lauren says:

    I had a blue pleated skirt which had to be at least 2 inches below the knees and a white shirt with blue stripes (picture a notebook) in high school. My school before that was a white shirt inside and armhole pleated dress kinda thing. No makeup at any point. No jewellery, only black and white hair ties. Now I’m in university and there are no restrictions like this. Dress as you may! But oh God! The shopping to get clothes for school is tedious!

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  2. Veronica M. says:

    I think it depends. Sometimes its stifling a students creativity bc fashion and what u wear is a way of expressing who you are. At the same time, its quite possible everyone wearing the same uniform can decrease the chance of a certain kind of bullying. Students can’t be made fun of for their clothing choices or anything like that. Still though sometimes I think the pros of wearing a uniform doesn’t outweigh the cons bc wearing the same outfit every day would drive me personally nuts lol

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  3. Elizabeth says:

    Nice post. But in Nigeria we do not have a choice. Every school has a uniform and we are to wear it all week. 😊. When I watched American TV shows I wished I could wear my own clothes to school. But after reading your post I’m grateful we had uniforms.

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  4. ItsSimplyMeJasmine says:

    For! I don’t have the energy to pick new clothing everyday for school!😂 But I definitely prefer no uniform in sixth-form and higher – it just makes more sense! Then again uniforms do suck for those 30 degree days because no matter what you do you’re gonna be sweating like crazy under all that uniform😭😂
    Great post!

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  5. Ann says:

    I have never wear a uniform to school. In my country it depends on each school but anyway most of schools don’t require wearing uniforms. Some time ago it was required in every school. We can wear every colours and types of clothes but, of course, we mustn’t wear like on the beach, haha, I mean miniskirts, sleeveless tops and translucent clothes. I remember that my older brother had to wear uniforms and he wasn’t look good… I’m against the unforms 😉

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