Happy Birthday! 

Hey Everyone,

Today I wanted to wish Happy Birthday to this incredible woman who has inspired many of us and who blessed us with her amazing work and who not only opened, but continues to share with us,the whole world of stunning places, amazing creatures, beloved characters, love, tragedy, friendship and so much more.

Most of us read her books, and I’m sure that every single person at least heard about them. Rowling is a true inspiritaion to me, despite her tough life as a single mum she managed to become a best selling author and a great role model for all of us

These are just a few of her very well known books, and I’m so so thankful to her for making my childhood so much better. I’m so blessed to realize that my children will read these books and learn a lot from characters.

I’m not going to bore you with rumbling on about stories and films and JK Rowling’s biography (which I know really well, thank you very much 😂), but I’m just going to say that I was into writing since I was little, and hopefully one day I will be able to become at least a tiny bit close to her writing skills and style.

I she has a great day, and a great year, and continues to inspire us with her work for many many more years ❤️

Which is your favourite J.K. Rowling book? 

Girl Enters


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday! 

  1. GirlMasked says:

    Hi, Great post! I am a huge Harry Potter fan, both of the books and the films. There’s something so magical about them! J.K Rowling is a fantastic author!

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