Back to school season

Hey Everyone,

I am so so excited for a back to school season, I know it’s a much bigger thing on YouTube, but I love reading back to school/college/uni related blog posts, I hope you do too! 

So, I will be posting back to school related posts for almost the whole august and maybe a bit of September, I know that son people go to school earlier, some start later, but I can’t post about going back to school for fourth months, so hopefully you will be able to deal with me for this time 😜 

Keep in mind that when I say “School” I mean colleges, universities and schools, I will be posting some advice posts, ideas, and stationary posts (which in my opinion are the best) 

So, starting from the beginning of August, watch out for a back to school season 

Girl Enters x


19 thoughts on “Back to school season

  1. Emma says:

    Being a teacher I have to say that I don’t enjoy the whole “back to school” thing as it means back to stupidly early mornings, piles of marking and that one student you could do without x

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