International Tiger day

Hey Everyone, 

I made a post about an international chocolate day, and I only made it because I was bored and entered that days date on google, and it told me whatever celebrations were going on that day.  I loved this idea and decided that everytime I see something interesting going on on that day, I will share it with you.

Today is an international tiger day. I love tigers I think they are beautiful animals who are treated really poorly, they are in huge danger, and I think a lot of people will agree with me that we need to save them from extinction 😓  

This celebration is to raise awareness for tiger conservation, it was created 7 years ago at the Saint Petersburg tiger summit. 

You can read more about this incredible celebration right HERE and of course donate some money to help these beautiful animals. 

I want to know what is your favourite animal? Please let me know in the comments 
Photos from this post are taken from the internet.

Girl Enters 


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