How often do you read blog post ideas?

Hey Everyone,

Please tell me that I’m not the only one. But I either have thousands of ideas for my blog and have a huge amount of drafts reafy to be published, or non. It is so so annoying, but I also hate reading blog post ideas because then I feel like I’m betraying my creativity and become weak. It is also awful when you don’t feel like blogging at all on those days, because then you would skip an uploading day and feel even worse afterwards.

I guess the problem is that I do upload quite a lot, 3 times a week (sometimes 4 with sundays) and also every month I chose a week where I upload every single day for the whole week. Yes, it might be a bit too much, yes, I probably won’t be able to do that once school starts again, but will see.

I guess what I’m trying to say here, is do you think it’s okay to look at blog post ideas? Do you ever look at blog post ideas? As a lifestyle blogger it should be easy for me, because practically I can write about whatever I want, is it a simple as that though?

I’m sorry this post is kind of weird…

It probably won’t be possible but I would looooooove to hit 200 followers here by the end of July, please help me, let’s be friends ) I’m at 171 at the moment x

Girl Enters


10 thoughts on “How often do you read blog post ideas?

  1. Lauren says:

    I looked at them twice but then I felt like I would end up writing what I think people would like to see and not necessarily what represents me. And that ultimately is what my blog is about. Things that I feel or things that interest me. Staying true to myself is more important than writing for people you know? I don’t know, it is just how I think I guess haha😊

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  2. The Wild Man says:

    I feel you need to write for what you would want to see. Copying someone else’s ideas are very unoriginal and boring. If neccesary, don’t post that day that you don’t have an idea and make the next post even better.

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  3. Michelle's Life says:

    I started my blog to help me, to talk about random feelings and thoughts going on in my head. Sometimes I wobble and think “why would anyone want to read my ramblings?” But then I remember I am who I am, and it was never meant for others. If people do like what I read – it’s a shock, and an added bonus! 💜

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  4. themusingsofawandererblog says:

    Initially I would look at them quite often. But now it has reduced. There is nothing wrong in checking out blog post ideas as long as you don’t depend on them completely. And I suffer from writing block quite often. I have at least 3 draft posts on writing block. But luckily I have never had to post those articles.

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  5. cookingandcrumble says:

    I feel the same! Sometimes I have loads of ideas and other times none. I get you. But yes i like to write about what i actually want to write about and believe in rather than take someone else’s idea. However, if i am really stuck ill just bake something and blog about it. Aha!

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