My First Scuba diving experience 

Hey Everyone,

So as you know from yesterday’s blog post, I’m am in Maldives at the moment (if you don’t know that, what are you doing here? Go check out my previous blog post).

So two days ago I had a first scuba diving experience, which was very weird.

So the coach came and we discussed some basics, how to breath, how to clean the mask under water, how to clean the regulator (the thing you breath with). And while she was explaining, she kept saying things like: “don’t do (this), it’s dangerous” and by dangerous she practically meant “you might die”. By that time I started freaking out, then we went into signs, everything was great until she showed me this:

Who’s is a shark sign, again I’m freaking out even more, I knew that there were shark, but they are small and harmless. But as soon as she showed me this, I started imaginings the great white ones, and how they are ripping me into pieces.

So, then instead of practicing in the pool, or at least on the beach, we went on the boat and 20 minutes from the island, we arrived to the location. The whole costume with he tank was 20kg plus weights around 15kg. And I’m sat on this boat knowing for a fact that I’m probably going to drown and get eaten by sharks, somehow I calmed down, and 3 guys lifted me and asked me to step into water, but with 35kg I literally fell flat on the water surface, but didn’t even feel anything because of the adrenaline pumping inside.

So, my coach was like: “we will do a couple of exercises, go under water and take the regulator out and then in” I was like: “Excuse me?! My regulator?!” She’s like: ” yeah, yeah it will be fine”. Keep in mind that the boat started sailing away, so we were left alone in the open sea, with god knows what under us and heavy costumes that kept pulling us down.

I did the exercises and everything seemed to go well until we started going down, on just 2 meters something happened and the water got into my regulator, and I completely forgot how to clean in it so I made a few breaths and the water got inside me, I started choking, and having a panic attack I was literally shaking and crying under water, cause I didn’t know what to do, so I did the stupidest thing ever…

I threw the regulator away, and had no access to air. Then my coach literally showed it back into my mouth and started pumping air, I kept drowning and swollowing this air with water. So I don’t remember how, but I managed to swim up.

The panic attack really started kicking in and that point, and I thought I would never go under water again, and my dad said that I probably should go back to the boat. But the coach said that if I go back now, I might have a fobia for the rest of my life, so, god knows how, she forced me to go under water again.

Suddenly I saw all those beautiful creatures under water (yes, there were sharks too, they were really cute), I managed to calm dow, although I still kept looking up just to see the water surface. We ended swimming for 50 minutes at 9 meters, and guess what, I’m doing it again tomorrow 😜

All the photos in this blog posts are not mine, I took them from the internet.

Let me know if you’ve ever scuba dived, and how was your first time? 

Girl Enters


19 thoughts on “My First Scuba diving experience 

    • Girl Enters says:

      Haha yeah I’m going again tomorrow so hopefully it will be fine, photos are great but not mine as I mentioned in the blog 😜 I’m glad you liked the post though ❤️


    • Girl Enters says:

      I will try too, unfortunately I didn’t bring a camera to shoot underwater so we will try to get it here l, you should definitely try it’s fun once you get the hang of it


  1. Joni Danielle Frodin says:

    This is something I have always wanted to do!! Never had the opportunity or the guts but it is sure on my bucket list!! It is nice to know what your experience you had ! Something I wish to do in the future!! These pictures are also so gorgeous !!! 💗💗💗

    Liked by 1 person

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