Reasons to move abroad + Story Time

Hey Everyone,

Another personal post for you to get to know me a little bit better. I tend to see a lot of people who move to other countries either to give their children an opportunity to attend enternational school or for work.

My parents and I moved from other motherland to Cyprus when I was 12, I remember that we would visit Cyprus every year since I was 2 and I wanted to move there my whole life but never thought that it would be possible. And one day my parents very sponteniously decided that we should move and I should go to British school to learn language and get to know different cultures. And next year I’ll probably move to another country.

Yes, moving is extremely stressful, not necessarily because you have to bring along all your things, but because of all the new things that you need to learn: street names, shopping malls, food shops, shchool/college/office, public transportation, etc etc

But here are some reasons from my personal experience, why it would be a great idea to move abroad:

1. You get to meet a lot of new people which means that later on you will have friends all of the world

2. You will probably learn new language

3. New climate and weather conditions may be very good for your body

4. You will learn a lot about people from different countries me their cultures

5. You will have access to places where you could only go once a year, for example if you move to a city on the sea you will be able to go swimming almost all year round.

6. Trying new food is always a good one šŸ˜œ

7. Also you will be able to try new sports, it obviously depends on the country, when I moved to Cyprus I tried sports such as surfing and windsurfing.

8. Going back to your country will be like holidays, since you won’t be able to see your family and friends as often in will always be a very enjoyable moment

9. You willhave two homes, since I was quite young hen I moved, I consider both my motherland and Cyprus my homes and people in both countries feel like family to me

10. You will notice small detail about people and culture, I remember that in my school in my motherland everyone was very strict and everything was very robotic like (that’s the best explanation I can think of) so it was a shock to me when I came to a British school and teachers were putting hands in their pockets (what is considered very rude in my country) and sitting on tables.

Of course now I got used to many things and they don’t seem so bizarre and honestly now I feel more comfortable living there rather than my own country.

Let me know if you ever moved to another country or ever considered moving?

Girl Enters x


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