Healthier options on shitty days…

Hey Everyone,

So, I’ve been thinking that it’s awful, that all of us have those days when we just want to eat shit (sorry, there isn’t a better way of putting it). You might be very healthy for the whole day, and then closer to the evening you will feel like eating a bunch of chocolates, crisps, sweets, junk food, energy/fizzy drinks. And please don’t even start lying, we all have those days so save your lies.

So exactly for those days when I know I wouldn’t be able to stop myself anyway (trust me, I tried!!!). I have a drawer with healthier options of shitty food.

If you know that the catastrophe is going to happen anyway… Why not get ready for it. Here are some of the things that I keep in this drawer, I meantioned other stuff in some of my previous posts.

Mostly everyone talks about life bars, or healthy energy balls. But people tend to forget about the amount of unhealthy and unecessary drinks that we drink. All those fizzy drinks are an example of sweet long term poison, and I’m not going to even start on energy drinks.

Whoever invented them, made them for hardworking athletes (who, ironically don’t use them anymore) and not for you guys out there mixing them with alcohol to get that extra adrenalin or for you other guys sitting in your sofas building up you fat.

I’m sorry for being maybe a little bit to harsh, but it is actually dusguasting seeing those people, mixing stuff together and thinking how cool they are 😷

Here are some healthy drinks tags I’ve been loving recently, I have a lot more to show you later, but here 3 drinks from the same brand PURELOSOPHY.

Not sponsored

All 3 drinks taste amazing! My favorite one is Relax it has alpine water,  Kiwi, lemon and pear, which in my opinion is the best combination, because it is enough sweet and enough sour. I remember that after drinking this. I was really interested in their products and went to their website, and the description of the drink was so so nice to read: “RELAX instills calm and tranquility into the most hectic lifestyle…”

Tell me about your healthier options on those days 😜


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