Tiny makeup haul? 

Hey Everyone,

So I went to Selfridges yesterday, to get myself a new blush and guess what? Yes, I ended up buying quite a lot of things. This happens to me all the time, comment down below if you are the same 😂

Here are some items that I picked up

So, this is the first Urban Decay palette, I actually have a third one but not the first one (who knows why….) but I absolutely love the packaging and every single shade is amazing and I know for sure that I’m going to use all of them, which isn’t always the case for me 😬

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I also picked up two items from Smashbox. Absolutely beautiful highlighter (halo highlighting wand), this is the most beautiful highlighter that I’ve ever used, and it is very easy to use with a special brush at the end of the wand .

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Another item from Smashbox is a contour stick (bronze), they are usually sold as a pack of three countering pencils and a sharpener. I needed just a bronzer though, and honestly it is amazing, I love how well it blends and that I can finally be precise with this bronzer since it’s in a form of a pencil. I will link the whole pack

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Also got a perfume from Ted Baker (yes, I didn’t know they have perfumes either 🤗) but it has a very nice summery seeet smell with a hint of vanilla and maybe a bit of rose (look at me describing a scent 😉)

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Another three products that I picked up were from Too faced, unfortunately we don’t have this brand where I live and I absolutely love it, so whenever I get the chance to buy something from there I always do.

So this time a got one lip gloss in a colour peach, I’m obsessed with anything peach scented so this will be my favourite lip gloss

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Then I got one long lasting liquified lipstick in the colour Nude, I’ve been wearing it today for 5 hours obviously I was talking, drinking eating, and it lasted perfectly, again the smell is incredible.

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And last but not least, I got a highlighting palette (sweet peach glow). It smells like peach!!! What else can I say? Can there be anything better than a peach scented highlighting palette? No, there can’t be, don’t even say anything, you won’t be able to change my mind 😜

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Please let me know if you use any of these products? And what else should I try? 

Girl Enters x


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