NARS vs Chanel 

Hey Everyone,

So I haven’t posted anything beauty related in ages and I have a few posts planned

Today I wanted to share with you my go to foundations, I tried a lot to be honest, but those are the once that I loved the most.

As a girl with a really pale skin I always go for lighter shades, but most of the time I end up having yellow pigments on my skin and by the end of the day I look like a dried peach (not even kidding)

Surprisingly enough NARS and Channel foundations last on my skin for hours and still look perfect even if I wear them the whole day.

Honestly I expected Chanel foundation to be much more expensive than NARS but it turned out to be a huge surprise for me than it only costs 5$ more.

The coverage of this foundation is amazing, it is not as heavy, so it’s perfect for summer but at the same time feels very moisturizing, it’s a light weight matte foundation and (yes I know how stupid this sounds) but in comparison to other foundations it makes my skin look more even and naturally perfect. I live in a warm country and most of the time we have sun there, so SPF 15 is another great feature for me

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Another foundation that I’ve been literally in love without, I had a few bad experiences with NARS foundations before, so I was a bit afraid to try this one out when someone suggested it to me. I fully rely on this foundation when Iget skin breakouts. In my opinion it is a full coverage foundation, however some people say that it’s medium. However, this foundation will not work for people with oily skin. Also keep in mind that this is a professional foundation that’s why you have to purchase a pump separately.

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I always use one trick when applying foundation: I put hands under a warm/hot water and then pay them on top of foundation, it helps it stay longer and makes your skin look flawless.

Have you got any foundation recommendations for me, that you think I should try? 

Girl Enters x


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