I’m travelling again…

Hey Everyone,

So I’m traveling again, and this time I’m in Hungary, I wanted to post this earlier but we had a four-hour flight to Austria and then a three-hour drive from Austria to Hungary, and I was extremely tired and couldn’t really post anything, and then had other posts planned.

So now I’m finally here with my parents, we are staying at the hotel called Spirit which is a sports hotel with a lot of pools and saunas. My family never stays in the same place twice but I think this is the first one, we loved it last year so decided to come again.

I will be posting a vlog on YouTube channel from the first few days here – follow the link 

So this blog will be mostly photos of the place and obviously food 😉 with some comments.


The area aound the hotel looked amazing, here was a tine lake in a small forest where you could rent boats or just swim



Unfortunatelly I couldn’t take a photo in frond, but the hotel looks like a huge ball


That’s the inside area and the have tiny fountains everywhere



How could I not take photos of food???


No seriously, how…


This is the spa + sport area, yes those are iPads


The hotel is known for its healing water with minerals and they have an amazing area where you could swim in this water


They have more than 5 pools and some of them go outside, this is the coldest pool


Yep, another pool


Moreover they have a huge amount of saunas from the freezing one (0-3 degrees) to the hottest ones (80-90 degrees), the variety of pools is insane, there is one that gous around and has a flow in it so you can just go around without actually swimming.

Let me know if you like travel blogs because I have a lot more trips planned this summer.

Girl Enters x


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