Liebster Award 

Hey Everyone,

I want to start by saying that I only really started blogging and engaging with other bloggers one and a half months ago, and already I received so much support that it’s insane, you (yes, you, who is reading this) helped me to build my confidence so so much, and I’m very thankful for that to each and every one of you.

Recently I’ve been nominated for another award – Liebster award, and I want to thank Sophiaaaxo for nominating me, and for being so incredibly supportive. She is a lifestyle blogger with a variety of different blog posts but my favourite would have to be Warner Brother’s Harry Potter studio tour

I also would like to thank Ellie Wilson for nominating me for this award, I discovered her blog through twitter and fell in love with.

Rules for the Liebster blogger award 

Thank the blogger who has nominated you
Answer 11 questions from the blogger who has nominated you
Nominate 11 blogs
Ask them 11 questions

Answers to Sophiaaaxo’s questions

  1. What is your favourite flavour milkshake?
  2. if you could travel back in time in the world before you were born, where would you travel to and why?
    I would go to the UK (where my mum lived in her older teen years before I was born) and tell her that I’m her daughter from the future.
  3. Are you currently obsessed with anything?
    Love Island 
  4. Do you prefer candles or reed defusers?
    Candles, they remind me of Christmas time, and I love that
  5. What is your earliest childhood memory you can think of?
    I had a very close friends (we were 2, and I remember this) so we would do everything together literally everything, and one day I decided that I wanted to have a fight, well pretend to have a fight really. So we sat for a few minutes pretending not to talk to each other and then we thought that was boring and stopped “fighting”
  6. favourite part of doing your makeup?
    Lipstick or lip gloss because of the variety
  7. What is your favourite social media site? leave the link below so people can follow 🙂
  8. if you could move to another country where would you go?
    USA (New York) never been to America just want to see how people live there, or Finland because they seem to have a completely different pace of life there
  9. if you could master one musical instrument what would it be?
    I already play piano, but another one would have to be a guitar
  10. What is your favourite feature about yourself?
    I guess my eyes
  11. Do you have a celebrity crush?
    Two: Selena Gomez – such a sweetheart and Johnny Depp – incredibly talented actor.

Answers to Ellie Wilson’s questions

  1. What is your favourite colour?
  2. Where do you get your inspiration for blogging from?
    Other bloggers
  3. What is your favourite food?
    Pizza and sushi
  4. Which blog post that you wrote are you most proud of?
    This one – because after this blog I really started blogging a lot and engaging with other bloggers 
  5. Which blogger inspires you the most?
    Zoe Sugg 
  6. How do you juggle blogging and other responsibilities?
    I honestly don’t even know, considering that I post 3 time a week and sometimes everyday, and that I have a YouTube channel and I’m in my last year of A levels>
  7. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
    Japan or Bora – Bora
  8. Why did you start blogging?
    I was going through a really rough time and still am in a way and blogging seemed like an ony option to forget about my problems
  9. Whats your favourite hot drink?
  10. What would your top tip be for new bloggers?
    Do your homework (research!)
  11. What are your favourite blog posts to read?
    Personal stories, I feel like I’m bonding with a person when I read their story and feel more comfortable to speak to them afterwards

Bloggers who I would like to nominate

My thoughts
Roots &Trails
Velvet Blush
Blooming Souls
The wild’s life
Dreaming of Pink
Bethy Charlotte
Hot off the gloss
Thought of a curious girl

Questions that I would like to ask you

  1. How many books did you read this year and which one was your favourite?
  2. What is the best pizza toping?
  3. How many kids would you like to have?
  4. What is your favourite app?
  5. If you could have one super power what would it be and why?
  6. Do you have pets? Tweet me photos!
  7. Who is your favourite character?
  8. Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts?
  9. Where would you like to for your honeymoon?
  10. What would you do if there was no “blogging”?
  11. Which language would you like to learn?


Girl Enters xx


23 thoughts on “Liebster Award 

  1. Blooming Soul says:

    Firstly congratulations to you. I also started blogging to get away from my own problems actually from my depression phase and I think it has made a lot of difference from before. Thank you so much for nominating me I will get back to your questions soon. Wishing you great day. 🌷❤🌷

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The Wild Man says:

    Thank you once again for nominating me for an award, I am not sure I will post my reply to both Sunshine and Liebster but I appreciate you nominating me.

    Keep up your wonderful content, I look forward to more posts in the future.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Velvet Blush says:

    Aww thanks for the nomination! Wow you must be so organised to balance it with your studies, and youtube. I actually finished War and Peace, but I need to get around to finishing some more books too. What was your latest read? I like instagram too! I used to have a pet, but not anymore. Definitely Harry Potter, I loved reading it when I was younger and I updated my collection with my favourite covers. I was thinking of learning French, because I already know a bit 🙂 xx

    Velvet Blush

    Liked by 1 person

    • Girl Enters says:

      Wow War and Peace is definitely no an easy one, I read it in Russian, and honestly don’t even know how people can manage to read it in English! I’m currently reading a lot of YA books my last one was Fangirl, yeah I’m a huge Harry Potter addict myself, French sounds nice I would love to learn French


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