Pancakes or cupcakes? (1 recipe)

Hey guys,

So, a lot of people tend to like recipe posts, and to day I decided to combine to recipes in one, so you will be able to cook both pancekes and cupcakes. As many of you might know I’m all about healthy recipes so both do not contain eggs, have coconut flour and oat milk. Hopefully you will enjoy this recipe, i definitely enjoyed cooking and eating both 😉

  • Blend some strawberries with apricots or peaches adding some oat milk
  • Add coconut flower to the bowl
  • Add one tea spoon of salt
  • One tea spoon of baking powder
  • Two tea spoons of oil
  • Mix everything together adding a smoothie mixture in

Now to the fun part if you want to cook pancakes, then shape them, and pop on to the frying pan

If you want to make cupcakes, however, put your misxure into form and pre heat the oven to 200 degrees


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