YSL Sheer Candy Lipstick

Hey Everyone,



When you think about YSL lipsticks, the first though is: “Is it really worth the money?” I mean how obsessed does one have to be to spend 27 pounds on a lipstick, that probably won’t even last a few months. Well, if I wasn’t obsesed before, I definitlly am right now. The colour. The packaging, everything about this product is just great. I got one in colour Sheer Sandy which you can check out here. I love YSL lipstics because they are extremely moisturising and feel very soft when you apply them. However sometimes, you may apply a tiny bit too much because of its texture. Another thing is, since they are extremely soft, they don’t stay for as long as you would like them to, but the pigmentation is amazing.

In conclusion I don’t think that this lipstick should be as expensive, however I’m glad that I made this purchase. Maybe one day, when (if) I get more money, I’ll be able to buy more of these.

Let me know is you have any beauty products from YSL and tweet me your photos, because I’d love to see them!

Girl Enters xx


4 thoughts on “YSL Sheer Candy Lipstick

  1. caterina sosso says:

    Whenever I’ve got this much money to spend I go for (another) nars velvet matte lip pencil, but I’ve bought a touche éclat limited edition and I really like it xx

    Caterina | caterinasosso.com

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