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So, I feel like during summer you would want to change up your makeup routine a little bit, because obviously wearing heavy lipstick or BB cream isn’t very appropriate, and let’s be real it is way too hot, so I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite products, that I’ve been using from the beginning of summer.

Jurlique – Smoothing day care lotion

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This is the second summer I’m using this product, it feels very light on skin. I’ve been using it instead of a BB/CC cream. It dries up pretty fast so you don’t have to wait for long before applying makeup and it’s very smooth as well so if you want to put foundation on top it will look great. I love the fact that it makes my skin look healthy without heavy makeup during summer days.
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Victoria’s Secret – Bombshells in Bloom

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I’ve been loving this scent recently, whenever I smell it, it instantly reminds me of summer, if you are a fan of sweet scents it’s probably the best one for you.
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Clinique – Robust Rhubarb chubby stick (creamy blush)

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I started wearing creamy blushes and fell in love, I used to think that they were to intense, but honestly it’s all matter of blending properly. This colour is very soft and complement you cheeks by giving them a natural glow
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Clinique – Curvy Candy chubby stick (lip balm)

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Another Clinique product that I’ve been in love with is this chubby stick lip balm, I’m not going to lie it might seem a little too bright/pinkish for some people, but I just love wearing a little more brightly coloured product in summer as specially pink. So if you are like me, you will definitely enjoy it.
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Lancome – Great Fruit 154 ( lip oil)

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So, I discovered lip oils a few months ago, in fact my friend told me about them, i decided to give it a try and they turned out to be perfect. This one is my favorite, it’s not too bright, but bright enough for summer, I know the colour may look a bit too intense at a first glance, but it looks amazing on the lips gives you sort of peachy healthy look.
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Essie – Oh behave!

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I usual prefer wearing bright nail polish or white, during summer, but I’ve been using this warm shade nonstop. When you first apply it, it’s nothing special but after the second coat dries out and you can see it glittering on the sun, you will be in love, I believe that originlly hits nail polish was in the winter collection, but I think that it’s perfect for summer as well.
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Green and – Fruit emotions body mist papaya – lemon

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Okay, so what can be more summery than the smell of fruits? I love using it after taking a shower, it has just such an amazingly fruity and clean smell. It may seem too citrusy, but lemon scent gives it this lovely summer vibe.
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Here are 7 items that I’ve been loving since the beginning of summer. Do you have any products that you usually use during summer? Let me know in the comment down below. 

GirlEnters xx


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