Acting Exams?



Hey Everyone,

So, I did my grade 8 Trinity Speech and Drama exam yesterday.

If some of you don’t know, Trinity is an English board that allows you to take graded exams (8 grades) and diploma level qualification in performing arts ( dance, musical theatre, speech and drama, pop & rock, instruments) and English language.

After taking a diploma level exam, you are allowed to work.

For speech and drama exam you have to prepare monologues, for example for grade 8 I had to prepare 4 different monologues in different styles (comedy, tragedy, ancient Greek, modern, classical…). All of your monologues have to be under a certain theme, however, I wasn’t asked about my theme. Then there is a small theoretical part, where an examiner asks you questions about your character and his/her relationship with others, and then you will be given a small improvisation to do based on your pieces. Yesterday I had to repeat one of my monologues as if I’m speaking on the phone with someone.

The tricky part is that you are not allowed to have costumes, so imagining yourself as a woman in 19th century in a huge dress, while wearing leggings and sport shoes might be a bit hard for the first time haha
I would really suggest doing this exam to anyone who is interested in acting/directing. Theatre and Film industry in general, because it is very well known and highly rated. It doesn’t take a lot of time since you don’t have to go through all classes you can just do last two and a diploma, but this allows you to become a more educated person in acting and builds up you confidence. I have to admit that at first it was completely out of my comfort zone but I got used to it and love the course now.

Find out more about Trinity Examinations HERE

Let me know if you are interested in acting and if you want me to do more posts about acting 

Girl Enters xx


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