What to read?


Hey Everyone,

So I wanted to share with you a few books that I really enjoyed reading. I’ve got to say that I love reading, specially YA but unfortunately, don’t always have enough time for that (another reason why I always can’t wait for holidays).
1. Everything Everything

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This is my favorite book of all time, it took me a few hours to read it, and literary couldn’t put it down. It is a beautiful story about love and how much courage and determination it takes to fight all the obstacles and end up with your significant other. Unexpected and quirky diagrams and notes made me feel really satisfied, they perfectly fit the story. Unfortunately, can’t tell you anything about the story without giving it away, but you won’t regret it. And there is a movie coming out in a month so hurry.

2. The one we fell in love with 

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So this book takes a while to develop but when it does, you won’t be able to stop reading, it’s amazing how Paige Toons managed to combine so serious topics with a bit of humor and even anger. It’s a story of three triplets, who are nothing alike and their relationships with the rest of the world and each other.

3. Girl Online

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Incredible story that hints Zoe’s personal experience and concerns, it is very simple but very meaningful. A book concentrates on keeping secrets and what it leads to. Love, friendship, panic attacks, family, school, relationships, secrets and the most important – blogging 😉 it’s all in there.

4. All the bright places 

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I know this book was suggested by many people, but it’s really worth reading. Some will find the characters and the story very relatable, some will love it and some will hate it. I don’t think I chose this book, because I enjoyed it that much, more likely because it was extremely powerful I still have mixed feeling about it, but I believe that everyone should read it to have a better understanding of people in general.

Ok, so I’m constantly looking for books to read, currently reading Fangirl, any suggestions for a next book? 

GirlEnters xx


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