Want to lose WEIGHT?


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If you want to lose some weight, gain a flat stomach or you randomly thought in the middle of January that it’s time to work on your summer body, then this post is for you. Here are some tips and tricks on how to stop overeating and get a flat stomach:

  1. Eat from small plates that are not white. Your brain will think that the amount of food on the plate is enough for you, and you wouldn’t want to fill the plate up with more food.
  2. If you don’t want to eat an apple, you are not hungry, you are bored.  If you don’t want to it something boring like an apple, that means that you are not that hungry, but probably just boring and therefore craving some cookies or chocolate.
  3. Let exercise be your stress reliever, not food. Whenever you are stressed you either start eating like crazy or stop eating at all, both of those actions cause weight gain. The best thing to do is to exercise, and the best motivation would be NOT TO CHANGE IN YOUR PAJAMAS or BUY NEW SPORTS CLOTHES.
  4. Find inspirational pictures, and put them in the places where you go most. Sometimes we give up on our goals (New Monday – new me) because we forget about them, in order to help you remember, you can print out some inspirational pictures that will motivate you lose weight. My suggestion would be to put them on the fridge.
  5. Eat slower. Whenever you’re eating, give your brain some time to realize how, much food, you are taking in, to stop at the right time. You brain needs at least 20 minutes, then you will understand that you are fool and don’t need anymore food.
  6. Create a food journal. You are the only person, who can set some boundaries for yourself. A food journal will help you see how much food you are eating and maybe even make you feel guilty when you look back on what you ate during the day. You can look up some examples of food journals on “Pinterest”.
  7. Download apps that will help you control the amount of food you eat. Apps never work for me, but who knows maybe they will work for you, here are some apps that I have tried: Rise up, See how you eat, My fitness pal (you have to be at least 18 to use it), MyPlate and My Diet Coach.
  8. Drink water before breakfast/lunch/dinner. Drinking one glass of water before you eat, will make you feel more fool without any calories, and therefore, you will not eat as much.
  9. Try detox drinks. Detox drinks not only help you lose weight, but also get rid of toxins in your body and make you feel healthier. You can research recipes online, I’ll write my favorite one here: Ginger, apple and cucumber drink – You can blend these fruits/vegetables and make something similar to a smoothie, or you can just add them to water and shake the bottle, making just a detox drink. This detox drink helps release toxins from the body while aiding the digestive system.
  10. Don’t eat while watching TV or doing homework. You don’t control yourself when you watch TV or study, you arm is like a puppet controlled by your desires moves towards that plate with chocolate or packet of crisps. Therefore, don’t bring food with you to your room. If you realized that you are actually hungry while studying, eat blueberries and nuts, they will help you memorize things and you won’t feel tired after eating them.

Please comment down below your tips and tricks to loose weight and prepare for summer and good luck with your weight goals. 

Girl Enters xx



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