How to study before the winter exams?

It’s this time of the year again, half term exams are coming up, I know that some of you already had them, hopefully, this will be helpful for all of you next year.

So here are some tips and tricks on how to get ready for the exams:

  • Create mental associations

This method always helps me, obviously people who are more creative will find this usefu. Mind maps and graphs are a good way of connecting ideas, and organising your thoughts

  • Use apps

So now that our everyday lives are full of apps, why not use them for studying? Here some apps that I like to use for revision 

1) Quizlet (writing cards may be tiring sometimes, but on this app you can find cards and create your own ones)

2) Khan Academy (in this app, there are a lot of videos that explain topics in a much simples way. This app would be very helpful for science students)

3) TSR (the student room is created for people who are in British system (GCSE and A level) you ask for help there and help others, also you can find unothorised mark schemes right after the exam, which I personally find very helpful)

  • Teach others

Teaching someone or saying outloud whatever you just learned will help you memorise things since you will hear them and not just read them.

  • Study in a group

This just supports my previous point, when you are studying with someone else, you can explain topics to them and let them teach you unknown things, plus it is always fun to be around friends. 

  • Get food and water in advance

The best excuse to get out of studying, is usually to get food, well even though you are not physically working, your brain gets tired too and therefore it’s important to eat, but remember – eating heavy food will make sleepy and you definitely don’t be able to study. 

  • Write it down

Whenever you are revising a topic, write small notes, even if they will be messy. When you are writing, reading and possibly pronouncing the same thing, your brain won’t have a choice but remember the information. 

  • Listen to Hans Zimmer

Yes, his music doesn’t have distracting lyrics and it will motivate you unlike classical pieces that will put you to sleep.

  • Clean 

Cleaning your room for example and organising things will organise everything inside your brain, while cleaning your room you can read cards and stick notes and the places where you spend a lot of time (bathroom/kitchen 😉 ) 

I hope that you found this helpful and good luck on your exams. Please comment you tricks to study

Girl Enters xx


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