Do you want to write a book, or do you ever stick to your hobbies?


Do you know this one person, who knows exactly what they want to do in life? They have at least one or two hobbies and it’s something that they love doing and they stick to it and have time for their hobbies at least every day?

Well I have never been this person (not gonna lie, always wanted to), you see I get a lot of good ideas and even start turning them into life, but then… I fail badly, just because I get bored, or not as confident. As you can see pretty much the same happened with this blog, I stopped it, because I didn’t see a point in it anymore (want to give it another shot though).

I’m sorry, if I lost you there but I do have a point. I promise.

Well I’ve always loved writing, since I was a little kid, I would write anything from quirky poems to theater plays. However, I would always get rid of my work, I guess because I wasn’t satisfied with it plus I knew that it is there for me and that seemed pointless and simply boring. Well this year I tried writing articles and a script for a movie and even turning it in to a short film. Can’t say I was very happy with that either (if you didn’t realize yet, I’m a perfectionist)  but at least it’s something, right? Not that I didn’t enjoy doing this, but it was something that I was forced to do.

Anyway, I decided that I want to start writing more things, and write my own young adult fiction book (who knows maybe someone will be interested one day). I know I’m only 17 and starting something like this may seem funny coming from me. But I realized that writing is definitely my passion.

One other thing that I have to mention is that I never learned how to write professionally, and I need to find someone, who will be able to give me some feedback on my work, because reading things online is one thing, but talking to a real person and getting his/her advice is definitely more beneficial.

If anyone is interested in helping me or knows someone who could possibly guide and give some tips in this area, or maybe even work together, please comment down below, or email me. 

Girl Enters x




6 thoughts on “Do you want to write a book, or do you ever stick to your hobbies?

  1. Tara says:

    I’m just like you (only 40). I’ve had loads of hobbies (I blame it on being a Gemini) but the only thing I’ve ever stuck at is writing. I went down the journalism route and loved it but I have always wanted to write books (I’m finally having a go). I think you have the right idea. Start now. I’d love to read your stuff but I don’t have any experience of YA fiction to be able to guide you, I’m afraid.

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  2. palhao says:

    Maybe you already do a good job but, since you have never shown your work to others, you don’t know yet.

    My life is a little bit upside-down right now, but I volunteer to read and give advice if you like.
    Just be patient and I will come back to you.

    What is your email?

    I hope to talk to you soon,
    Lucas Palhao

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